Release Notes

PyWordNet Change History
Version 2.0.1 (7/17/2004)
New Features:
- Added, contributed by Des Berry.

Bugs Fixed:
- V.has_key fails on words with spaces; fixed by Juha Erkkila
  <email blocked>
- Example docs missing "from wordnet *" to the readme example
- Dictionary.keys() returned words with '_' for ' '
- 560950 len(V['love']) raises exception
- 571235 Testing every word in the Verb dict.
- 559927 morphological substitution fix; submitted by anon.
- 448189 extractVerbFrames uses wrong base?; fixed by Scott James
  <email blocked>
- 560932 Dictionary.keys() raises exception; fixed by Danny Yoo
  <email blocked>

- The 2.0 change notes erroneously listed among the new
  features, but it wasn't actually added to the list of distributable files.

Version 2.0 (4/19/2004)
New Features
- Revised to work with WordNet 2.0 database.
- Added new suffices to morphy.

Changes to work with WordNet 2.0:
  Patch contributed
- Updated test cases

- Des Berry <email blocked>
- Wei-Hao Lin <email blocked>
- Klaus Reis <email blocked>

Version 1.4 (Not publically released)
New Features
- Incorporated Klaus Reis <email blocked>'s implementation of
  Lexname (not yet documented).

API Changes
- Added ``Word.getSenses()``, which will replace the deprecated
  ``Word.sense()``.  (It wasn't clear under the old naming scheme which
  were data fields and which were methods.)
- Other new methods:
  ``Word.getAdjectivePositions``, ``Synset.getSenses``,
  ``Synset.getPointers``, ``Synset.getPointerTargets``,
  ``Sense.getPointers``, ``Sense.getPointerTargets``, ``Sense.getSenses``,
  ``Sense.getWord``, ``Pointer.getSource``, ``Pointer.getTarget``.
- Remove ``Word.string``, ``Sense.string``, and ``Synset.string``. (Use
  ``object.form`` instead.)
- Added ``Word.getPointers`` and ``Word.getPointerTargets``, that raise an
  error and direct the user to the corresponding methods on sense and

Bug fixes
- ``morphy('hardrock', 'adv')`` no longer goes into an infinite loop.
  (This was caused by a bug in ``binarySearchFile`` where the search
  position was at the end of the file.)

Other Changes
- Updated doctest examples to wn1.7 database. (``wordnet._test()`` is
  therefore no longer useful with a wn1.6 database, since their are
  more synsets and they're in a different order, and so on.)
- Updated comments.  ``help(wordnet)`` is now useful.

Version 1.3 (8/5/2001)
- The windows version looks for unix-style names too, so that it will
  work with wn1.7
- Moved project page to
- Changed to the Artistic License
- Reformat to Python source conventions, and wrap long comments
- Move release notes to a separate file
- Package with distutils

Version 1.2	(4/15/1999)
- public release
- moved nonessential utility functions to wntools
- renamed private functions to begin with _
- closure (now in wntools) unions, rather than concatenating
- fixed searchBinaryFile to find the first line

Version 1.1.2	(4/24/1999)
- fixed for Windows (added workaround for Python bug)
- first public release of; includes morphy and getindex

Version 1.1.1	(4/21/1999)
- fixed len(Dictionary); fixed doctest comments
- moved string, sequence, tree utility functions to (not
  yet released)

Version 1.1		(4/14/1999)
- more doctest comments
- added 'form' attribute as a synonym for 'string'
- extend closure and its derivatives to work on Words

Version 1.1d3	(3/18/1999)
- added test code and doctest comments

Version 1.1d2	(3/8/1999)
- added verb frames

Version 1.1d1	(2/27/1999)
- simplified copyright notice (it's still free)
- added cache (buildIndexCaches)
- make Dictionary print as the variable that's bound to it
- added method Dictionary.keys(), that returns strings for that part of speech
- added method Dictionary.has_key()
- more efficient (don't reopen same pathname)
- reorganized code: move Cache later, broke _IndexFile out of Dictionary

Version 1.0	(11/13/1998)
- initial public release