OpenLaszlo Sources

OpenLaszlo Sources


JavaScript collection methods. Provides the functionality of the ECMAScript 1.7 Array extensions, and the Prototype collection methods, in a lightweight form that can be used with other frameworks, including OpenLaszlo.
Miscellaneous utilities for OpenLaszlo, including jQuery-compatible AJAX functions and a Flash↔JavaScript bridge. Download.
Extensions to LzUnit (the OpenLaszlo test framework): define mocks, stub, and expectations; run individual test cases; run all the test applets in a directory; test asynchronous functionality within a single test case.


JSON for OpenLaszlo
An implementation of JSON for the OpenLaszlo platform.


OpenLaszlo Ruby Gem
A Ruby interface to the OpenLaszlo compiler. This library allows you to compile OpenLaszlo programs from within Ruby, in order to integrate OpenLaszlo development into Rake or Rails applications.
OpenLaszlo Rails Plugin
The OpenLaszlo Rails plugin makes it easy to use OpenLaszlo client-side applications with Rails. It includes generators and scaffolding for creating OpenLaszlo applications, connecting them to Rails REST controllers, and displaying them within Rails views.

Older Code

This was developed in the OpenLaszlo 3.0 timeframe. Some or all of it might be included in OpenLaszlo 4.0.

Bezier Library
Measure and subdivide beziers, and animate points along a path composed of single or multiple beziers. bezier.js, path.js, demo, blog. (This library also works in DHTML.)
LzDrawView patches
Patches to the OpenLaszlo LzDrawView class to make it (more) compatible with the WHATWG <canvas> element, including cubic beziers and CSS colors. This shares the API of the DHTML TextCanvas library.
An extension to drawview that adds a drawString method for labeling graphs. Source, demo, demo source, blog.
Simple logging
A simple logging facility. This library defines info, debug, warn, and error functions that are compatible with the logging methods in readable, inline console, and fvlogger. This allows libraries that use these functions to be used in both OpenLaszlo programs and in DHTML.
Miscellaneous patches and utilities. Currently defines LzKeys.fromEventCode for converting event codes to string characters.