Oliver is (as of September 2019) a Visiting Associate Arts Professor in the Interactive Media Arts Program at NYU Shanghai.

Formerly, he worked in the software industry at Apple, Nest, AOL, and a boatload of tech startups.



Previously, Oliver has been a software developer, engineering manager, Chief Software Architect, CTO, acting VP, and Director of Product, at Apple Computer, Nest, AOL Mobile, and a variety of startups. He has given invited talks on JavaScript, Python, functional programming, and constraint-based and declarative programming at Google, PyCon, O’Reilly Emerging Technologies, and other venues. He holds around a dozen patents.

Shipped products include: the Dylan programming language and IDE; the Apple Quickdraw GX graphics and geometry engine; the Open Laszlo presentation library; and the Nest learning thermostat. Other projects include Functional JavaScript (an early predecessor to CoffeeScript and Underscore), and PyWordnet (incorporated into NLTK, Python Natural Language Toolkit).

Oliver also advises early-stage mobile, IoT, and EdTech companies on software development, technical operations, and product strategy.

Select Publications

  • A. Mucignat, O. Steele, S. Supramaniam, O. B.Hardison, and R. J. Schultz III, “Methods and Systems for Data Interchange Between a Network-Connected Thermostat and Cloud-Based Management Server,” U.S. Patent 9,098,279, filed July 17, 2011.

  • C. J. Minsky, O. Steele, and M. D. R. Minsky, “System for Segmentation by Product Category of Product Images Within a Shopping Cart,” U.S. Patent 8,117,089, filed Feb 13, 2008.

  • A. G. Wolff, D. T. Temkin, O. Steele, P. T. Withington, and H. B. Minsky, “Evaluating Expressions in a Software Environment,” U.S. Patent 7,340,724, filed Aug 15, 2003.

  • M. D. Carlson, O. Steele, and A. G. Wolff, “Application Data Binding,” U.S. Patent 7,873,668, filed Aug 15, 2003.

  • M. Minsky, O.-Y. Ming, O. Steele, F. P. Brooks Jr., and M. Behensky, “Feeling and Seeing: Issues in Force Display,” SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 235–241, Feb. 1990.